Rise Up, O Church

April 21, 2019


Resurrection stories never cease to fascinate me!  One of my favorites is told by Donnie Wayans, a gospel singer who loves the resurrected Lord.  His uncle had a serious heart attack and was in emergency need of heart bypass surgery.  The doctors said there was little hope but they would do all they could.  So the family gathered in the waiting room to pray while the surgery was performed.  In a while, the doctor came out and said “not good”, but still working, so the family kept praying.  The doctor came out a while later and said “not good”.  His heart has stopped completely, it’s not responding, and it’s been like that too long.  The family requested “Can we pray for you, (the doctor) and just go back and try one more time.”  The doctor was receptive.  He came back a little while later and said” I don’t understand, but we put his heart back into its cavity, and nothing.  After the third massage and convinced it was hopeless, his heart took off.  It’s like he was resurrected by another hand!”


Our God is the God of resurrecting the dead!  Easter is that celebration!  We have all been resurrected by God’s hand in some way:  from our sins, from our past, from sickness of body, mind, from the challenges of day-to-day life.  When we follow the one who went to the cross, descended to hell, and beat it all on resurrection day, we too find ourselves resurrected to brand new life!  Let’s not just talk about Easter one day of the year; let’s be Easter people every day!  Let’s rise up church and be the resurrected people God has made us in Jesus Christ!  To God be the glory, today and forever, in you and me!  Amen!!



Dear Lord, you are the ultimate example of resurrection and new life.  Help us each day to be your Easter people in celebration and praise.    In Jesus’ name, Amen.




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