Hearing of vs. Knowing God

March 28, 2019



I AM ALMOST POSITIVE ALL OF YOU HAVE HEARD OF GOD. That is one of the many reasons we all come to church. But do many of you actually know God like the back of your hand? There are so many Christians out there who believe in God, but do not actually know him. You would be surprised by how many Christians do not read the Bible and pray on a daily basis.  God’s plan for us is to follow him and to spread his word as we live by him. But, if no one reads God’s word or talks to him then how do they know they are doing the right thing? They just think they are doing the right thing without actually knowing.


Many Christians only talk to God in a time of need. This is not what God intended for us to do. In Proverbs 1:28 it says, “Then they will come to me but I will not answer: they will look for me but will not find me.” God isn’t there only to help us when we want it, he is there to guide us. Being in a relationship with God means there are two sides. God will help us in our time of need, as long as we all do our part for him. It is our duty as Christians to spread God’s word and to bring others closer to him. But if we are not doing the correct thing to begin with, how are we being followers of God? I encourage you all to start getting to know God, and to do your part as a Christian. By doing this your relationship with God will continue to grow stronger by the day.



Dear God, help us to continue in growing our relationship with you. Give us strength to live by you throughout our lives and to complete our duty as Christians.  Amen.



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