Meditation on a Mystery and Trusting God

April 6, 2019


The hymn God Moves in A Mysterious Way was written in 1773 by William Cowper. It asserts about God's goodness, sovereignty and wisdom along with commands to take courage and trust in Him.

1. “God moves in a mysterious way his wonder to perform;

     he plants His footsteps on the sea, and rides upon the storm.

2. You fearful saints, fresh courage take; the clouds you dread

     are big with mercy, and shall break in blessings on your head.

3. Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, but trust him for his grace;

     behind a frowning providence he hides a smiling face.

4. His purpose will ripen fast, unfolding every hour;

     the bud may have a bitter taste, but sweet will be the flower.”


Jesus answered, "You do not know what I am doing but later you will understand."    John 13:7


I love a good mystery. Part of the fun is trying to guess how it will end. Sometimes if I can't stand the suspense, I sneak a peek at the last few pages. Sometimes . . . but hardly ever. But it's nice to know that I can.


But life is something else! One big mystery and no way to jump ahead, no way to peek at the ending even though I might like to, even though I might need to.


I guess I'm one of those "fearful saints" the hymn writer talks about, afraid of how things might turn out, always expecting rain instead of blessing, always dreading instead of anticipating. I'm one of those impatient believers wanting my prayers answered now, wanting to enjoy the flower before the bud has a chance to open.

Why can't I just relax and enjoy the mystery, the ultimate and beautiful mystery of God's promise of my life? I don't have to know how it will turn out. Not really, as long as He knows, and I just keep turning the pages.


Was there ever a difficult time in your life when you wanted to jump ahead and find out how things would turn out? Looking back now, would it have helped to know the ending or was it ultimately better not to know?



Lord, why do You have to be so mysterious?  Why do you allow us to grope around in the dark when a single word from You could light the room?      Why do You allow us to tremble with fear when a single word from You could calm our anxiety?    Why do You take so long to answer our prayers when You could answer them in a heartbeat?  


There's no denying it, Lord. Most of us are fearful and impatient believers. We want to know how things will turn out and we want to know now.   Show us how to trust you more. Show us how to wait on You. Teach how to enjoy just turning pages.   Amen


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