He Did Not Die

April 19, 2019


They thought they would crucify my Lord

When they led him to Calvary.

They praised themselves for a job well done

As they nailed him to the tree.


They cheered when the sword’s point pierced his side.

They laughed when they saw his grief.

They shouted with glee as he writhed in his pain.

They were proud of their unbelief.


They thought they were rid of this man, “The King,”

When they carried his body away.

They thought they were rid of this Jesus, “The Christ,”

As they sealed up the tomb that day.


With self-satisfaction they finished the task.

They were glad that he was out of the way.

But little they knew of the power of God

For my Lord arose on the third day.


They learned that death could not keep my Lord

For you cannot kill truth with might.

This Jesus had said, “I am the light of the world”

And death could not smother that light.


The Lord had taught men of peace and of love.

He gave men a faith to live by.

That faith was the heart of the message he taught.

And death could not cause faith to die.


No, they did not kill him that fateful day.

For, it’s over 2000 years and you’ll find

That He Lives today in a glorious way,

He Lives within the hearts of mankind!



Heavenly Father, help us to remember to let the “spirit of the living Lord” shine through our words and deeds.  Amen.



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