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Frequently Asked Questions:

Meritus Care Caller Program

  • How do I become a volunteer Care Caller?

       ​ A volunteer will need to complete the Meritus Volunteer Services onboarding process prior to training.  The volunteer forms for              the program are available online at  You can also email the program                        manager, Lynnae Messner, at or contact her via phone at (301) 790-8491.  


  • Is there training for this program?


        Yes.  Once a volunteer is identified and onboarding is complete, the program manager will coordinate time to discuss and                         reiterate expectations via phone or in person with the new volunteer.  If there is a group of individuals interested, a date and time          to train the group can be coordinated.

  • Are there additional trainings or meetings throughout the year for Care Callers?


        Yes.  There is a Care Caller Touch Base to share data related to the program, address any concerns, and plan for future events.                  Meeting attendance is not required and notes are sent out after the meeting.  If there is new training identified that is required,             the program manager will work with the volunteers to complete the training.

  • Where do Care Callers make the calls?

         The Care Callers can make phone calls from anywhere​.  The program manager will coordinate if there are additional needs by                  the volunteer.  

  • Where can I learn more or ask additional questions?


        Check out our website via link at

        You can also e-mail the program manager, Lynnae Messner, at or contact her via phone at                        (301) 790-8491.   

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