It Still Flows

(April 2020)


Well, it's been a week since our world started changing in a very eerie sort of way...need I say it…coronavirus!  We had been hearing about it, but if you were like me, I thought it was another flu bug that was getting a little blown out of proportion and it would soon settle down.  But then last Friday, a week ago today, the governor announced schools would be shut down for two weeks, and shortly after he announced that restaurants, bars, gyms and movies would be closed as well.  Now it's one thing to close schools for a little while and the gyms not going to bother me too much, but when you start closing up restaurants, hold on, that gets my attention!!  So I thought I’d better pay a little more attention.  This thing must be a little more serious than I thought.  Then I started hearing how people were buying all the milk and toilet paper they could get their hands on.  For a moment I thought I missed the weather forecast and a winter blizzard was on the way.  But I started to realize people were getting all their supplies ready for a big shutdown in all the world.  The world was going to change real big and real quick!  And everyone was asking "What will we do?"


That evening I took notice of a most wonderful event.  The moon had come up, still in the sky, hanging about ¾ full like it always has.  The next morning as I started out with the dogs, the most beautiful sunrise was rolling over the mountains down Howard Street, just like it always has been.  Walking back from my walk with Burt and Lucy, I took note that all around my front porch and walk the buds on trees were popping out, and flowers of purple and yellow were starting to pop out of the earth, just like it has always been.  All of this which means spring is still coming, just like always.  Yes, I’ve seen all of this because I’m still walking the dog, just like always.  It’s amazing how when we’re feeling like life is coming to an end, we are reminded that it still flows, because God still flows, just like He always has!


You know what, that's the simple message of Easter.  Just when you think life is at its worst and where and what's going to come next, we are reminded that it still flows!  We are reminded that the blood of Christ still flows to wash away the sin of the world.  We are reminded that the grace of God still flows to redeem all of humankind and make us stronger than what this world could ever throw at us.  We are reminded the love of God still flows through each one of us as we work and live to be Easter people with this message of hope and life.  We are reminded that no matter what, it still flows!


In these most trying times in the world, even talk that the grand celebration of Easter be cancelled for now, don't forget…nothing changes Easter for the people of God, because we know God always still flows.  Look for Easter wherever you go.  Share it wherever you can.  Yes, the world has changed, but God has not!  His love, His grace, His mercy, His life to the full still flows, and as long as you let it flow through you, Easter still flows.  And that's the message of Easter!  So wherever we might be, here or there, we will still be celebrating Easter, because it always and forever still flows!  Happy Easter!!

Pastor Randy Reid


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