The Lost Colony

(July 2020)

On the shore of North Carolina, in the area of the outer banks, is a little place called Roanoke Island.  It’s a beautiful little island that sets just off the main outer banks island.  It’s full of beautiful vegetation and very nice homes tucked behind the trees and bushes.  It’s a quiet, sublime little island, a place to go when you need to get away from the main crowd of beach goers and obnoxious tourists, and find some peace and quiet.  Roanoke Island is known for two things in particular, the last home Andy Griffith lived in before he died, and a historical colony known as the Lost Colony. 


The history of the colony is known as America’s oldest unsolved mystery.  It begins in August 1587 when a group of about 115 English settlers arrived on Roanoke Island, in fact, the first settlers to establish a colony in America.  Later that year, the governor of the new colony, John White, returned to England to get supplies for the new colony, only to run into a naval war just breaking out between England and Spain.  Because the queen called on every available ship for the war, White’s ship was taken.  Finally, three years later in August 1590, White returned only to find nothing!!  Not a trace of the colony, including White’s wife, daughter and grand baby, was found.  To this day, there are only theories of what happened to any evidence of the colony, and on this little island is this little area, that 430 years, is still known only as the Lost Colony.


As we prepare for our July 4th celebration, the birthday of America, there is a place in my heart that worries that our nation, America, is becoming another “lost colony”.  There’s plenty of evidence of our physical existence, but I don’t mean that.  I mean there is a worry inside of me that America is slowly losing its soul,  having our core original values and beliefs of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; every man being equal and of great worth in the eyes of God, a sense of respect and unity that starts with our leaders and flows down, undermined and replaced with values that seem far from the original intent.  Despite how some will argue this fact, America was built on Judaeo-Christian values, and why wouldn’t it be, because where else can you find the values of freedom and life declared any more strongly than from God himself?


As we celebrate our nation and its birth this coming July 4th, let’s commit to a few things together.  First, let’s spend lots of time in prayer with God, in thanksgiving, in repentance, and in petitions on behalf of our nation and leaders.  Let’s evaluate our own lives and choices we are making, from how I am living my own life to how are those who are to be models for us living theirs.  And let’s ask ourselves “Am I supporting those who represent my beliefs foremost as a Christian?”  I don’t want our sweet land to become another lost colony, without a soul and without God.  Take time this July 4th to sort some things out in your own life with God, and I pray together we will sort things out in our land that we will be the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Pastor Randy Reid


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